Take a stand with students on Better World Day: May 3rd, 2019

Better World Day


Join us! This year's Better World Day is May 3rd, 2019

Join tens of thousands of EL Education students and teachers as they take civic action to make the world a safer, stronger, and more just place locally and globally. See how EL Education students put their learning to work for their communities on Better World Day and every day.

Better World Day: A Collective Contribution from EL Education on Vimeo.

Attend Events

From homeless outreach and advocacy in Bemidji, Minnesota, to trail maintenance in Kettle Falls, Washington, students at EL Education partner schools are preparing to make their mark on the world on May 3—and every day thereafter. Below is a peek at the student-led events, representing just a handful of the 100+ activities taking place across the country. 

If you can't make it to one of these events, follow along on our Facebook page to catch live streams from events throughout the day, or check the live social media feed below. Students and communities will be posting updates across all social media channels with hashtag #BetterWorldDay. 

Brooklyn, NY: Launch Expeditionary Learning Charter School

Launch EL Charter students planters greenhouse

Middle school students work to end hunger in their community by planting at two Brooklyn farm sites, stocking a local food pantry, and creating packages for area children experiencing homelessness for the Campaign Against Hunger.

Detroit, MI: Detroit Public Schools Community District

Detroit Public Schools Little Free Library

Fifth-grade students at eight schools in the Detroit Community District are working to make literacy a civil right for their city. After studying The Universal Declaration of Human Rights through the EL Education K-5 Language Arts curriculum, they'll apply their knowledge to building and painting Little Free Libraries, hosting a book drive to stock them, and donating them to deserving local aid organizations.

Chicago, IL: Polaris Charter Academy

Polaris Charter Academy Bwd

Students from kindergarten through 8th grade conduct research, engage partners, and complete community-improvement projects to address the abandoned properties and disinvestment surrounding their school.

Bend, OR: Realms High School

Realms High School homelessness presentation invite

Tenth-graders advocate for humane and thoughtful treatment of the people living in a homeless encampment near their campus. Their "Power and Privilege" expedition culminates in students presenting a well-researched action plan to local agencies and to the community during an unveiling and donation drive.

Sturbridge, MA: Old Sturbridge Academy Charter Public School

Old Sturbridge Bwd 2018

Students lead a community-wide tree planting, starting on their own campus with a ceremony and celebration. Then, students spread out to other district communities to perform identical plantings throughout the region.

Muncie, IN: Inspire Academy

Inspire Academy students walk in grass

Students help clean up the polluted White River as part of an expedition titled "Sustaining Ecosystems," based on the EL Module texts, "A World Without Fish" and "Flush."

Alpharetta, GA: Amana Academy

Amana Academy Better World Day 2018

Younger students beautify community spaces by creating seed pods, bird feeders, and decorative planters; older students work to combat flooding at a local park and help build a tiny house for a local person in need.

Dorchester, MA: Codman Academy Charter Public School

Codman Academy student holding seedling

Older students partner with local organizations to address hunger and homelessness in Boston, while younger students create pollinator gardens at six sites in nearby Codman Square.

Kettle Falls, WA: Kettle Falls High School

Kettle Falls landscaping 2

Students partner with the city of Kettle Falls, the National Park Service, and the Kettle Falls School District to complete service projects including trail maintenance, campground cleanup, and landscaping for the local library.

Kenosha, WI: Vernon Elementary

Vernon Elementary kids with care packages

Elementary students help provide for local children in foster care by creating "Sweet Cases" filled with blankets, activities, and stuffed animals. Their collaboration with Together We Rise, a nonprofit for Foster Children, helps children going to new homes.

Bemidji, MN: Schoolcraft Learning Community

Schoolcraft kids food drive

Students create first-aid kits for people experiencing homelessness as part of their expedition "How To Save a Life." This follows their study of CPR and first-aid training and research on how natural disasters and weather affects communities.

Social Media for Social Justice

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More than 50,000 students, educators, and community members, and counting! These citizens are stepping up to serve their communities. With so many involved in one day of service, imagine the impact 1,000,000 EL students have had every day throughout 25 years of "getting smart to do good."

Better World Day in Flint, Michigan: A Catalyst for Contribution (Subtitled) from EL Education on Vimeo.

In the News

"Getting Smart to Do Good" caught fire last year! See Better World Day and Better World Projects in the news across the country.

Better World Day in Portland, Maine: A Higher Purpose from EL Education on Vimeo.