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Teacher/Crew Leader

  • Date Posted
    • 4.27.18
  • Organization
    • Partner Schools
  • Region
    • West
  • Role
    • Teacher/Crew Leader
  • Commitment
    • Full-Time
  • Location
    • Truckee, CA

Job Purpose: To plan, organize and present instruction and instructional environments that help students learn subject matter and skills that will contribute to their educational and social development.

Summary of Roles and Responsibilities:

The Teacher/Crew Leader will fulfill the following responsibilities:


  • Prepare for and teach all scheduled classes as determined by the daily school schedule and the Director and/or Head of School.
  • Implement the EL Education model into lessons and curriculum.
  • Submit weekly / daily lesson plans including learning targets, if asked by the Director.


  • Ensure that standards, curriculum, instructional practices, assessment, and curriculum are aligned to support the school mission and goals.
  • Create, document and submit a scope and sequence for Learning Expeditions using a model agreed upon by the faculty and Director.
  • Coordinate with enrichment teachers and other faculty to design and implement Learning Expeditions.
  • Utilize the adopted curricula for reading, writing, math as the primary structure for teaching those subjects.
  • Regularly track, document and communicate student performance/achievement.
  • Administer diagnostic assessments to identify specific areas of students’ need (i.e. literacy remediation, recovery and intervention.) Designate targeted goals and objectives for student improvement in specified areas of need.
  • Complete quarterly report cards as determined by the annual school calendar and in accordance with the template used by the school.
  • Be proactive in communicating with parents individually via meeting, phone, or email.
  • Develop and update a class website on Parent Square and/or other modes of communication, as agreed upon by the Director.
  • Support the messaging, vision, marketing of TEA within the community, country, and world.
  • When issues arise (behavioral, emotional, psychological, family crisis, community crisis, etc.) be active in addressing the issues with school counselor in a supportive role.
  • Reflect upon your performance as an EL Education teacher using the teacher evaluation rubric.
  • Be punctual and diligent about fulfilling yard duty and other time-sensitive obligations.
  • Identify and regularly participate in professional development opportunities that promote self-efficacy and the development of one’s skill set.
  • Exhibit positivity about the School, Faculty, Staff, Parents and Students.
  • Devote a reasonable amount of time to understanding internal processes and procedures. Abide by TEA’s internal procedures including but not limited to finance, transportation, HR, admissions, marketing, fundraising, etc.
  • Attend Faculty/Staff Meetings, participate in school-wide events including but not limited to: Back to School Camping, Back to School Orientation, Parent Forums, Open House Events, Step Up Night, Celebration of Learning, Graduation, Internal and External Professional Development, etc.
  • Devote a reasonable amount of time to completing additional duties as assigned by the Director or designee, including but not limited to leading at least one After School Club and an additional duty (i.e. committee membership, program leadership, etc.)
  • Agree to and abide by the expectations outlined in the Tahoe Expedition Academy Employee Handbook.
Minimum Qualifications Required to Perform Essential Job Functions: 
  • Teaching experience and/or related professional experience.
  • Must be able to present Common Core-based curriculum.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work well with a team and independently.
  • Evidence of professional development in educational topics.
Physical Requirements:

Must be able to use a variety of equipment and classroom tools such as computers, copiers and equipment for children, etc. Must be able to exert a negligible amount of force frequently or constantly to lift, carry, push, pull or otherwise move objects. Due to amount of time spent standing and/or walking, physical requirements are consistent with those for Light Work.