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    • 2.26.18
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West End Secondary School
District: 03


Be a part of a growing school! Join our exciting community currently in our third year. In our first two years, our students created documentaries to raise awareness about the health of New York Harbor, our debate team has won city wide competitions, and our students have engaged in countless hours of work in the field and with experts to truly make New York City their classroom. We seek teachers who are energetic curriculum makers, willing to live our values of creativity, wonder, compassion, and resilience in a collaborative setting.

West End Secondary School empowers students to achieve at the highest level by cultivating their innate curiosity and nurturing their natural ability to wonder and create. We envision our classrooms to be a safe context in which adolescents can work through problems with guidance and the necessary supports to arrive at their own true discovery. The delight that characterizes the moment when one reaches an understanding, arrives at the derivation of a formula, or acknowledges the connection between a math problem and its application to engineering are extraordinary moments in a student’s development. These accomplishments are most memorably achieved and valued when a student ventures into this territory as a result of carefully planned learning experiences that place the teacher as the facilitator of learning. WESS will emphasize the central role that the student plays in his or her own learning process, understanding that students learn best when they discern the value in learning and enjoy getting there. Utilizing New York City and its rich cultural resources as our learning lab, we will immerse students in authentic learning experiences that require investigation, discovery, and innovative thinking. We believe that children should understand and interact with the city and world beyond school walls. Through carefully crafted lessons designed to spark their imaginations, students will develop the capacity to become reflective questioners and critical thinkers who consider multiple perspectives while arriving at their own interpretation. Every classroom will present complex material that students will encounter with a mix of uncertainty and struggle, but such struggles promote patience and perseverance, both of which inevitably lead to growth.

At WESS, we believe that school culture is just as important as the academic curriculum. Research shows that students who have healthy and positive relationships with others and strong self-esteem are more engaged and
successful in school. 

If it is the expectation that our students recognize the importance of life-long learning and continuously seek out ways they can grow and learn, teachers and school leaders will be expected to do the same. The
professional learning community at WESS will be based on the abundance of research related to Professional Learning Communities.

At WESS, we fully engage our parent community and embrace community relationships. We strive for engagement through listening to what parents think and respecting what they desire for their child. Our goal is to continuously welcome and solicit parents as partners in the learning process. To that end, we will regularly engage parents and community members in the school community as field experts, through community breakfasts, community circle, open classrooms, family book clubs, and as learning and arts partners.

A 10-day summer planning institute will offer an essential opportunity for team members to be involved in developing the school’s culture and instructional program. Additionally, the school will offer opportunities for teachers to participate in:

- After school, before school, and/or Saturday tutoring, enrichment, sports, arts, and family engagement programs
- In-house school leadership and/or special programs

- Daytime professional development such as inquiry work, inter-visitations, teacher common planning, and collaborative conversation 

Anticipated openings in all subject areas. 

New York State certification in the appropriate content area with satisfactory ratings and attendance 

Because roles in small schools are varied and complex, serious consideration will be given to applicants who demonstrate in their resume and cover letter experience and/or willingness to commit to the school’s mission and core beliefs and to become involved in these essential aspects:

The successful candidate will demonstrate: 
    - Willingness to carry out the above duties and responsibilities 

Send Cover Letter, Resume and Portfolio to:

Karmela Herrera Billones
School Designer
NYC Outward Bound School

917-365-8136 (cell)

718-708-9900 (Organization's Office)

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