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Special Education Teacher

  • Date Posted
    • 3.20.18
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    • New England
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    • Framingham, MA


Christa McAuliffe Charter School

Special Education Teacher

“When we actually do it, we actually learn it.”
- Declan P. Class of 2014


The mission of the Christa McAuliffe Charter School is to cultivate within each member of a diverse student body an intense commitment to self and community, the courage and insight to set high standards for academic and personal success, and the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to achieve those standards.


The Christa McAuliffe Charter School is a EL Education school for 400 scholars in grades 6-8 with a hands-on curriculum that inspires achievement through active learning, character growth, and teamwork. McAuliffe is a community of engaged, motivated learners — students and adults alike. At McAuliffe, students take ownership of their learning, guided by creative, passionate adults who adeptly navigate the ever-present balancing act of challenge and support. A spirit of adventure pervades the school, and the energy is seemingly boundless. McAuliffe is the rare middle school where it really is ok to be yourself. The community values independence and individuality, while practicing collaboration, inclusivity, and acceptance.  


EL Education (formerly Expeditionary Learning) is a national school transformation organization operating in 165 schools in 30 states and reaching over 45,000 students. EL partners with schools to improve student achievement through an inquiry and project-based approach. EL schools inspire the motivation to learn, engage teachers and students in new levels of focus and effort, and transform schools into places where students and adults become leaders of their own learning. 


Everything that we do at McAuliffe is intended to meet the needs of students in their early adolescents. You must have the ability to develop meaningful connections with students, have strong classroom management skills, and have the skills to create classroom culture in which individuals are valued for what they bring to the group.

As a special education teacher, you must have extraordinarily strong written and verbal communication skills. In addition, you must be able to effectively organize yourself, prioritize, and manage your time. With these organization and communication skills, you will be able to effectively navigate the balancing act of: collaborating with general ed teachers to plan lessons, co-teaching lessons, communicating with parents of students on your caseload, tracking student progress toward IEP goals, participating in IEP meetings, and writing tri-annual IEP progress reports. The majority of the service delivery you’ll provide is through inclusion classes and pull-outs. Some special education teach 1-2 sub-separate classes. As our scholars’ needs change annually, so does the service delivery model. As a result, it is also critical that applicants be flexible professionals, open minded to shifting job responsibilities based on student needs.

As a crew leader you'll lead a crew, similar to an advisory, of about 12 students. You will be the mentor/advocate for each student in your crew -- their McAuliffe parent away from home. You'll engage them in team building activities, facilitate social-emotional learning, guide the development of crew and individual goals, and prepare students for student-led-conferences and final Passages presentations.


Email your cover letter, resume or curriculum vitae, reference letters, and any other relevant materials that showcase your practice to with “Special Education Teacher” in the subject line.


** Collaborate with colleagues to create highly engaging, authentic learning expeditions

** Employ a variety of teaching methodologies that guide students to engage in critical thinking: use of protocols, simulations, workshops, cooperative learning, experiments, hands**on projects, and other inquiry**based activities

** Employ total participation techniques to engage all scholars in learning during every moment of class

** Implement formative and summative assessments to track student progress; engage students in the assessment and tracking process

** Analyze data on student performance to effectively inform instruction

** Provide accommodations and modifications to ensure all students are given access to curriculum and instruction

** Coordinate and participate in day and overnight fieldwork including camping trips

** Integrate work with expert professionals during fieldwork, via video conferencing, or in person on site interview

** Participate in ongoing professional development including Observations and feedback from an instructional coach

** Implement school**wide positive behavioral systems to effectively manage the classroom

** Continually communicate with students families regarding performance and progress

** Serve as a Crew adviser to approximately 12 students, which includes leading a daily advisory, called Crew, supporting advisees and regularly communicating with parents/Guardians

** Serve as an active member of the McAuliffe Community including attending evening celebrations of student learning


** Deliver specialized instruction in the general education classroom or in a sub-separate classroom

** Implement formative and summative assessments to track student progress; Assess student progress against IEP goals and use data to plan for instruction

** Communicate with families regarding service delivery and progress
** Develop IEPs for special education students and facilitate annual IEP meetings

** Ensure that records for each identified student are up to date and well-organized, and contain necessary progress notes and assessments

** Participate in a weekly consultation meeting with the grade-level teaching team to review student progress

** Modify assessments and class work for students with special needs

** Meet and plan regularly with team teachers


** Appreciation for the EL Education (formerly Expeditionary Learning) design model -- commitment to develop curriculum and implement EL core practices, including in-depth learning expeditions

** Appreciation for the life and mind of the adolescent scholar

** Personal qualities that exemplify the school’s emphasis on character development and community

** Teaching experience (ideally in grades 5 through 9) consistent with McAuliffe’s progressive, constructivist, exploratory and project-based educational philosophy

** Strong subject area background; highly qualified or ready to get qualified; licensed in Massachusetts with relevant content area expertise

** Reader, writer, critical thinker and attentive to current events and opportunities to create curriculum that guides scholars to make sense of the world

** Skillful at using a variety of assessment methods and data to pinpoint students’ strengths and weaknesses and skillful at applying instructional practices to address diverse learning needs

** Strong interpersonal skills, commitment to teamwork, and readiness to reflect and grow

** Values a collaborative approach to working with a diverse population of children and adults

** Sense of humor and a high level of energy, enthusiasm, flexibility, and spontaneity


139 Newbury Street, Framingham, MA 01701 | 508.879.9000 |

** Exemplary organizational skills including ability to prioritize, complete tasks (such as grading) efficiently, keep grade-book up to date, and document lessons, materials, and assessment

The Christa McAuliffe Charter School (McAuliffe) may not and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, gender identity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, homelessness or any other legally protected status.  (M.G.L. c. 71, § 89(m); 603 CMR 1.06(l)).