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Social Emotional Learning Coordinator

  • Date Posted
    • 4.13.18
  • Organization
    • Partner Schools
  • Region
    • New England
  • Role
    • Social Emotional Learning Coordinator
  • Commitment
    • Part-Time
  • Location
    • Dorchester, MA, US 11 days ago

Social Emotional Learning Coordinator
Reg Part TimeDorchester, MA, US

Job Title: Social Emotional Learning Coordinator

Supervisor: Principal K1-8

Hours: 0.625 FTE (days/times as determined with supervisor)

Description: The Student and Family Coordinator at Codman Academy Charter Public School supports all programming and systems related to the non-academic growth of students and families at Codman Academy. By working closely with the Principals, Deans of Culture, and Social Worker, as well as partners (e.g. Wediko, Codman Square Health Center, EL Education) and families, the Coordinator supports and enhances the consistency and growth of a supportive culture and community at Codman Academy. 

Responsibilities include (but not limited to):

PBIS Coordination

  • Serve as standing member on PBIS Leadership Teams
  • Serve as liaison to Wediko consultants
  • Conduct Professional Development Trainings for Staff on PBIS systems and approaches
  1. Summer PD and once per trimester
  • Perform weekly “consistency checks” / “community & culture observations” to ensure consistent implementation and execution of PBIS systems and norms
  1. Share out findings weekly in e-mail and staff meeting
  • Serve as standing member of SST Teams, ensuring use of PBIS tiers in interventions

Mindfulness and Trauma-Informed Instruction Coaching

  • Push-In to Classrooms/Crews to teach Mindfulness
  1. Craft and maintain a schedule to engage with students on Mindfulness practices [e.g. 1x/week (K1-4); 2x/month (5-8 Crews); 2x/month (9-12 crews)]
  2. Support teachers in ongoing use of Mindfulness practices
  3. Organize and coordinate Resource Library for staff
  4. Plan and Facilitate Professional Development for Staff

Research and Partnerships

  • Responsible for staying up to date on the latest research regarding ACEs, trauma-informed care, and wrap-around models of education
  1. serve as support for EL partnership: teacher consultation, family engagement, staff education
  2. Share out relevant findings with immediate team (Deans of Culture, Principals & Social Worker) regularly
  3. Collaborate with Codman Square Health Center and Partnership Director as needed
  4. Coordinate Professional Development sessions for staff on an as needed basis
  • Meet regularly (bi-weekly) with Wediko staff and Social Worker to collect data and plan next steps regarding mental health supports for students, families, and staff

Family Outreach

  • Plan and Facilitate Monthly Parent Groups
  • Potential Topics: Six Aspects of Healing ACEs, EL Education, Engagement in Fieldwork
  • Coordinate and Execute Monthly Parent Council Meeting
  • Organize and Orchestrate Family Events
  1. Tri-Monthly Rotation of “Family Fun Nights” - K1-1; 2-4; 5-8; 9-12
  2. Support Teachers in planning and executing “Classroom Shares”
  3. 1x/month “coffee hour” at breakfast and dismissal

Professional Responsibilities

  • Attendance & Punctuality - Has perfect or near-perfect attendance and punctuality
  • Language - In professional contexts, speaks and writes appropriately, succinctly, and eloquently.
  • Reliability - Carries out assignments conscientiously and punctually, keeps meticulous records, and is never late.
  • Professionalism - Presents as a consummate professional and always observes appropriate boundaries.
  • Judgment - Is invariably ethical, honest, and forthright, uses impeccable judgment, and respects confidentiality.
  • Above-and-beyond - Is an important member of teacher teams and committees and frequently attends after-school activities.
  • Leadership - Frequently contributes valuable ideas and expertise and instills in others a desire to improve students results.
  • Openness - Actively seeks out feedback and suggestions and uses them to improve performance.
  • Collaboration - Meets at least weekly with colleagues to plan units, share ideas, and analyze interim assessments.
  • Growth - Actively reaches out for new ideas and engages in professional development with colleagues to figure out what works best.
  • Administrative Feedback - Informs the administration of any concerns and reaches out for help and suggestions when needed.


  • We are crew, not passengers, and we uphold that ideal as we support each other in reaching our shared goals.
  • Every adult in our community is a teacher and a role model, and we model and implement EL Education design principles and core practices to the best of our ability in our roles.
  • Advance the educational mission of the school by participating in duties and responsibilities consistent with building, upholding and promoting a strong Codman community.
  • We actively value and solicit feedback in order to improve performance.
  • In addition to core teaching responsibilities, all Codman staff members share responsibility for management and supervision of additional daily duties, including but not limited to breakfast, lunch, recess, crew, club, work block, and office hours.  Duties will be distributed to ensure that all teacher schedules include:
  1. 30 minute lunch break per day
  2. 4 hours of prep time per week (Monday through Thursday)