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Principal Search May-August 2019 ~ Presumpscot School Pre-K-5 Portland, ME

  • Date Posted
    • 6.5.19
  • Organization
    • Partner Schools
  • Region
    • New England
  • Role
    • Principal
  • Commitment
    • Full-Time
  • Location
    • Portland, ME

Under direction of the Assistant Superintendent of School Management, the principal is responsible for administering and supervising the total school program of Presumpscot Elementary School, an EL Education Credentialed School. This includes providing educational leadership for the students and staff members consistent with the educational goals of the community and expectations for being a successful EL Education School. Functions of positions vary and include: establishing a climate conducive to learning, defining roles, planning and coordinating programs, effecting change, and decision-making. The Principal demonstrates leadership and administrative skills; e.g. the ability to recognize and evaluate effective professional performance of the staff; demonstrate an interest in and a commitment to students, staff members, parents, community members and the educational program; demonstrate a commitment to professional growth and the knowledge and ability to manage effectively, and to empower teachers to harness the greatness in their students and contribute to a building a strong, supportive community. As a Credentialed EL Education School, Presumpscot is a model of student success in Mastery of Knowledge and Skills, development of strong Character, and creation of High-Quality Work. The school’s partnership with EL forges connections and continuous learning throughout the U.S. EL Network. 

improvement training plan to meet those needs.
Supervises and evaluates staff.
Analyzes, shares, and uses school and student achievement data to develop and implement the school improvement management plan.
Establishes and maintains open and productive relations between the school and its community and within the school system.
Implements systematic procedures to assess program effectiveness; guides and assists the staff in planning and implementing instructional strategies that match the curriculum and student learning needs.
Monitors curriculum implementation to ensure that the appropriate content and sequence are followed.
Ensures that PPS policies and procedures, as well as state and federal laws are followed.
Develops a master schedule and related duty assignments.
Coordinates the development and implementation of a school discipline policy that is consistent with the PPS policy o
Student Rights and Responsibilities and state law.
Identifies staff training needs.
Coordinates, integrates, and implements the process of curriculum development.
Encourages experimentation, research, and assesses teacher and student outcomes.
Creates environments of trust that are responsive to the collective needs of the students, staff, and the community.
Develops and implements a school
Supervises the use and maintenance of the building and grounds.
Prepares a variety of written reports and correspondence.
Demonstrates knowledge and applies principles of fiscal management, effectively plans and manages school budget.
Establishes and maintains relationships with the PTA and other community organizations to ensure ongoing, two-way communication and initiate activities which foster productive parent and community involvement.
Serves on PPS task forces and committees.
Perform related work as needed.
Develops requests for staffing and resources. ESSENTIAL JOB DUTIES: 

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