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  • Date Posted
    • 4.10.18
  • Organization
    • Partner Schools
  • Region
    • New York
  • Role
    • Principal
  • Commitment
    • Full-Time
  • Location
    • Ripley, New York


Job Description

The Ripley Central School District (RCS) is a small rural district in western New York bordered on the north by Lake Erie and on the west by the state of Pennsylvania. While the school is physically located at the town’s center, it is much more than a location.  As a small, rural district the school IS the center of the community providing many needed services for children and families, including an after school and a summer program.  This year RCS was recognized by the NYS Education Department as a Reward School for student academic growth.  The school employs 22 certified teachers, four certified teaching assistants, five teacher aides, a school nurse, a School Social Worker, and a School Psychologist.  The school has a UPK program for both three and four year olds, in addition to grades K-6, with an average of about 15 students per class.    

Ripley Central School leverages the EL Education model, to engage students in project-based learning units, that support in-depth study and comprehension across all disciplines.  Also key to the EL model is engaging our students in the development of core “Habits of a Learner” that transform our students into active stewards of their own learning.

RCS is currently seeking a PK-6 Principal for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2018.  The Principal’s role is to advance the vision and mission of the school.  The Principal must foster an inclusive school culture that demonstrates integrity, diversity, risk-taking, accountability and a relentless pursuit of academic achievement.


  • Inspire a culture of quality in students, staff and community
  • Unify diverse constituencies toward a common mission and vision
  • Work to create a culture of engagement and participation among current parents, students, alumni and alumni parents
  • Ensure a safe and stimulating environment for students, staff and families
  • Collaborate with the Board of Education to set the strategic mission and vision of the school
  • Lead/serve on committees including the Leadership Team, Safety Team, Instructional Support Team and others as appropriate
  • Foster a culture of accountability and high academic achievement and growth
  • Lead initiatives to support and challenge all students, regardless of where they are on the academic spectrum, through rigorous and creative differentiation strategies
  • Use student achievement data effectively to refine and constantly improve students’ learning and character development
  • Eliminate achievement gaps across demographic subgroups (gender, race, income, native language)
  • Seek and leverage technology and transform teaching and learning in positive ways
  • Support curriculum advancements and requirements 
Communication and Development:
  • Build and strengthen relationships with and among the School’s constituencies
  • Under the direction of the Superintendent and in collaboration with appropriate staff and the        committees, initiate, plan, and implement fundraising efforts including grant-writing, tours and            presentations
  • Under the direction of the Superintendent, collaborate with appropriate staff and the School’s      Finance Committee to develop the annual budget
Management of Organization and Staff:

  • Under the direction of the Superintendent, oversee all matters relating to employment of   personnel, including:
  1. Recruiting, hiring, training, supervising and dismissing employees Setting compensation of employees (subject to the budget and compensation goals approved by the Board of Education)
  2. Establishing terms and conditions of employment
  3. Assigning work and duties
  4. Evaluating employee performance and supporting improvement in compliance with          Section 3012-d of the Education Law as appropriate or, for those not subject to 3012-d,    as outlined in the NYS approved Annual Professional Performance Review Plan (APPR).
  • Supervise and Evaluate clerical staff
  • Under the direction of the Superintendent, manage Board of Education approved annual budget and long-term financial goals
  • Under the direction of the Superintendent, collaborate with Board of Education, Staff and 3rd parties to ensure accurate accounting and annual auditing
  • Under the Direction of the Superintendent, assure that the School complies with applicable educational regulations
  • Under the direction of the Superintendent, initiate, oversee, evaluate, and revise policies and processes to administer the School’s business affairs
  • Oversee safety, security, and risk management policies and procedures affecting students, faculty, and staff
  • Oversee school sponsored events, parent teacher conferences, field trips, and assemblies
  • Uphold status as an EL Education school by maintaining:
  1. Foster the Partnership Conditions for a successful and effective EL Education partnership
  2. High level of student growth toward proficiency across all subjects
  3. Implementation and monitoring of Habits of a Scholar (student character)
  4. Supporting the continued growth of students in creating high-quality products
  5. Manage and maintain a positive partnership with EL through site seminars and classroom visits
  6. High performance on EL Education’s implementation review



  • Has at least 4 years proven experience in education including curriculum or program development, implementing accountability measures and professional development in support of high quality instruction
  • Must have in classroom experience in a K-12 setting
  • Demonstrated and proven experience and competence in working with operations, finance, budgets, and financial planning
  • Demonstrated and proven leadership experience
  • Demonstrated record of developing talent in teams
  • Proven track record and driving high student achievement and growth


  • Previous experience leading in elementary school
  • Previous working experience with EL Education
  • Has experience with a board of education or similar governance models
  • Previous experience working in partnership with a large oversight agency such as a school district

Compensation and Professional Development

  • Salary to be determined based on skill and experience
  • Medical benefits
  • NYSTRS retirement benefits
  • On-going Professional Development with EL Education Schools and other partners

Reporting and Evaluation

  • The K-6 Principal will report to the Ripley Central School District Superintendent and will be evaluated in accordance with Education Law 3012-d

Application Process

  • Please complete Ripley Central School application
  • Please submit application, resume and cover letter to:

Karen D. Krause, Interim Superintendent

Ripley Central School District

12 North State St.                             

PO Box 688                             

Ripley, NY   14775

  • Ripley Central School District is an equal opportunity employer