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Lower School Principal - Kuumba Academy Charter School

  • Date Posted
    • 7.5.18
  • Organization
    • Partner Schools
  • Region
    • Atlantic
  • Role
    • School Leadership
  • Commitment
    • Full-Time
  • Location
    • Wilmington, Delaware

About Kuumba Academy Charter School:

Kuumba Academy Charter School (KACS) is an arts integrated Expeditionary Learning schoolserving
students in grades K-8. In partnership with our founding organization, Christina Cultural
Arts Center Inc. (CCAC), CCAC and KACS form a unique non-profit public school partnership
committed to closing the achievement gap in the city of Wilmington. Kuumba Academy is dedicated
to developing exceptional students with strong character who strive for academic and artistic
excellence. In partnership with families, Kuumba Academy creates a culture of love and trust based
on high expectations. Students, staff and families embody respect, responsibility, persistence and
creativity in order to contribute to our community.

Responsibilities of Lower School Principal include but Are Not Limited to:
The principal is primarily responsible for operation of the instructional program within the school
and for providing educational leadership for the staff, students and the community. The principal
must see individual student success (both academic and social), as paramount and it should guide
work with teachers, students and parents. The principal is responsible for establishing a climate
conducive to learning; defining roles and expectations for school staff; planning, coordinating and
supervising all programs in the school and identifying needed modifications in order to improve
outcomes for students and families.
The principal is the voice and face of the K-4 school and is accountable for hearing and responding
to parent and staff concerns and feedback. The principal reports to the Head of School (HOS) and
works closely with the HOS to realize the mission and vision of the school.

Establish a structured, positive and inspiring school culture focused on high-achievement
for all:

• Provide instructional leadership to successfully implement the KACS instructional model to
ensure continuous measurable improvement in student performance and achievement.
• Provide leadership and coaching in student data analysis (academic and behavior) including
developing, monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of interventions to ensure maximum
response to intervention.
• Develop positive school and community relations, which include effective oral and written
communications to all stakeholder groups.
• Propose school-wide instructional goals to HOS based on data and feedback in order to
drive the schools annual work-plan.
• Evaluate instructional staff using the Teaching Excellence Framework; establish instructional
improvement plans for staff as necessary.
• Support teachers in setting personal annual goals while monitoring and supporting progress
towards achievement.
• Work with HOS, instructional leadership team (ILT) to develop and implement a strategic
plan for raising achievement of subgroups who do not meet proficiency or who do not make
adequate growth

Work with all internal departments (Business Office, Grant Developer, Human Resources,
and Payroll) to ensure all processes and procedures are properly implemented and meet all
compliance requirements.
• Lead the school’s Responsive Classroom approach which emphasizes the following:
o Establish a calm, orderly and safe environment for students,
o Help children develop self-control and self-discipline,
o Teach children to be responsible, contributing members of their community,
o Promote respectful, kind and healthy teacher-student interactions.
• Directly support teachers in developing clear and consistent classroom expectations and
routines through ongoing observation, feedback and planning
• Promote school-wide belief that all students can learn and achieve at high levels; ensure
equity in instructional delivery.
• Develop, execute and manage after school programs including all clubs, sports and tutoring
to ensure programs are adequately staffed and well defined.
• Establish and promote a culture of love and trust focused around high expectations for all
students and staff.
• Establish processes to meet the needs of the whole child including the physical, emotional,
social, and special support needs of every KACS student.
• Ensure that school climate is characterized by The Nguzo Saba and Kuumba’s Habits of
Scholarship (Respect, Responsibility, Creativity, Persistence), promotes and reinforces
positive self-identity, safety, kindness, and joy in learning.
• Ensure safety and consistent use of our school’s discipline policies and code of conduct.
• Ensure schedules support instructional and curricular goals for academic and special subjects
including special education.

Demonstrate exceptional leadership:
• Conduct regular staff meetings focused on culture and academics, allow staff the space to
identify potential problems, and participate in the resolution of existing problems.
• Analyze school-wide data in order to make recommendations regarding necessary student
and teacher supports utilizing a shared leadership approach.
• Demonstrate teamwork, cooperation and open communication with all staff of Kuumba
Academy, toward the achievement of school goals and objectives.
• Lead recruitment, review and selection process for all instructional staff.
• Provide all instructional staff with personalized professional development.
• Conduct regular learning walks K-4 to help staff maintain a high bar of excellence and
provide continuous feedback to staff.
• Perform other duties and administrative functions as assigned by the HOS. 

Qualities Skills and Characteristics:

This position requires a creative and inspiring educator with adult leadership experience, high energy,
excellent organizational abilities and a talent for creating a warm and supportive environment for
children and their parents. Applicants must demonstrate:
• Strong belief in the Kuumba mission and educational model.

Interest in providing only the highest quality educational, social and emotional experiences

for students and their families.
• Proven ability to influence and enhance cooperative working relationships within a team
• Proven ability to proactively lead by example, effectively manage adults, and respond
positively to feedback within a fast-paced, dynamic, and rapidly changing environment.
• Exemplary instructional and classroom management skills.
• Proven track record of meeting high standards for student achievement.
• Excellent communication skills with diverse constituents (teachers, parents, children, board
• Team player: maturity, humility, grit, flexible, follow-through, sense of humor, open to
feedback and a “roll-up-my-sleeves” attitude.

Educational Background and Requirements:
• Must hold or be eligible for State of Delaware Certification as a Principal
• Master’s degree
• Minimum of 5 years of urban teaching experience in an elementary school
• Minimum of 3 years of administrative experience within an urban environment
• Experience in and/or understanding of the Delaware public school system including charter
schools is desirable
• Salary for this position is competitive and commensurate with experience.
Interested Candidates
Please e-mail your resume and cover letter to attention Sally Maldonado, Head of