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I Dream Public Charter School ~ Founding Classroom Coach*

  • Date Posted
    • 3.3.20
  • Organization
    • Partner Schools
  • Region
    • Mid-Atlantic
  • Role
    • Teacher
  • Commitment
    • Full-Time
  • Location
    • Washington, D.C.

Founding Special Education Coach*

* Teachers at I Dream PCS are called "coaches". A coach facilitates the learning process, instead of directing and doing the thinking for learners. The role of coaches at I Dream is a critical example of our commitment to transform relationships between learners and themselves, the curriculum, and the community.

I Dream PCS Mission

I Dream PCS is an intentionally transformative learning community that nurtures 3-10 year olds to imagine and fulfill their dreams and aspirations. We collaborate with communities to customize purposeful, self-directed learning opportunities for all children.

Essential Mindsets

You are all about I Dream’s Mission.

  • When you read the I Dream PCS mission, your eyes light up and you smile on the inside. Our website speaks to you and you know you want to be a part of making this school a reality for children. You can see it. Our mission and vision align with your beliefs and passion.

You have a growth mindset about yourself and your work.

  • You are a lifelong learner that is in constant evolution. You know you are good at what you do, but you also know that you always have room to learn. You learn from your mistakes and failures as much as you learn from books and from others. Growing yourself and your expertise comes natural to you. You approach the growth and development of learners and school programs by leveraging strengths and assets rather than focusing on deficits.

You are ready to disrupt systemic inequities in service of our children.

  • You understand that the current public education system perpetuates systemic racism and that the achievement gap exists by design. You are committed to social justice and ready to transform the current public school model to one that values the gifts and talents every child and every family bring to the world. You are also committed to doing your own work to identify and mitigate your biases and prejudices in service of this work.

Essential Competencies

Teaching & Learning

  • Embrace a learner-centered instructional model and develop lessons based on this framework.
  • Provide culturally responsive instruction that values and celebrates the life and culture of every learner.
  • Demonstrate a solid knowledge of academic content and child development.
  • Can provide accommodations and strategies for all learners to access grade level content.
  • Coach a multi-age classroom of two age groups with a team of classroom and assistant coaches.
  • Meet weekly with coaching team to plan and facilitate individualized instruction to meet the academic and socio-emotional needs, as well as the dreams and interests of every learner. 
  • Plan fieldwork and service learning that deepens academic understanding and connects with learners’ dreams and interests.

Community Building

  • Co-create classroom management system with learners to build a community of self-directed and collaborative young people. 
  • Initiate and develop supportive relationships with learners, their families, staff, and community members.
  • Communicate regularly with families, conducting at least 3 Partner Visits throughout the school year
  • Serve as a mentor to Assistant Coach.

Strategic Thinking/Data/Solutions

  • Use formative assessments to adjust daily learning as needed to revise and plan instruction.
  • Collaborate with learners, their families, and coaching team to continuously measure and celebrate learner progress toward mastery of standards and goals.
  • Complete narrative progress report for each learner 3 times each year.


  • Master’s degree in Education or related field
  • 2+ years of full-time teaching experience
  • Standard teaching certification
  • Passing scores on Praxis II exams

All candidates must be committed to meeting the needs of all learners and have experience working in urban communities.

Compensation and Benefits

I Dream PCS offers a competitive salary commensurate with experience and a comprehensive benefits package to promote self-care and overall wellness.

Why Join I Dream PCS?

You will work to actively dismantle hierarchical systems of power that prevent young learners from realizing their full potential in the world.  You will collaborate with other lifelong learners and social justice warriors to reimagine school design in a way that includes all voices in the decision-making process.  You understand the task in front of us will require a monumental amount of work, but you see the vision and know this is difficult work we must do for our children.

To Apply

→ Apply directly through our website: