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High School Dedicated/Student Aide

  • Date Posted
    • 11.8.17
  • Organization
    • Partner Schools
  • Region
    • Atlantic
  • Role
    • Educational Assistant
  • Commitment
    • Part-Time
  • Location
    • Washington, DC

High School Dedicated/Student Aide

Capital City’s High School is seeking a Dedicated/Student Aide to work with a specific student with a disability for the high school. Dedicated Aides accompany students to all classes during the school day, implement the student’s behavior plan, provide individualized attention and assistance during academic periods, and support them during lunch, recess, and other portions of the day as specified by their IEP. Occasionally, a dedicated aide may divide their time between several students, if the IEPs require them to do so. Dedicated Aides carry out their responsibilities under the direct supervision of the student’s case manager and the Director of Student Services (DSS). Dedicated Aides report to the Director of Student Services.

This is a 10-month position, which is non-exempt and therefore eligible for overtime pay under the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

A Capital City PCS Dedicated Aide is expected to: 

 Support the delivery of effective differentiated instruction, under the guidance of classroom and special education teachers, by: 
o Engaging with, or closely supervising the assigned student at all times. 
o Modeling appropriate spoken and written language skills at every opportunity. 
o Coaching assigned student in Core Values, social problem-solving,
o Working with the student on academic tasks specified in the daily lesson plan.
o Collecting observations and data on student learning and behavior. 
 Support positive student behavior and classroom and school culture by: 
o Modeling and encouraging the student and classmates to succeed in the Core Values (Courage, Compassion, Contribution, Integrity, and Self-Discipline). 
o Implementing supports and consequences specified in the student’s Behavior Intervention Plan (as needed). 
o Responding to student behavior using Redirection, Reflection, and Conferencing (Responsive Classroom/Developmental Designs), when a different response is not specified in the behavior plan. 
o Reviewing classroom lesson plans, anticipating challenges, and participating in generating possible solutions. 
 Maintain and complete documentation of student work and behavior. 
 Support children’s safety and physical well-being during the school day by: 
o Ensuring that an adult is with the assigned child during all hours specified on the IEP, by being on time to pick up the assigned child from related services, and by moving with the assigned child to all locations, where the child isn’t working 1:1 with another adult. 
o Accompany assigned child within the total school environment to ensure safe ratios and continue to provide services as appropriate. 
o Ask for help, when a child’s behavior threatens their own or other’s safety. 
 Contact the school counselor during periods of crisis as a means of managing escalating behaviors.
 Be an active member of the Capital City Staff by: 
o Participating in regular team meetings with the classroom teacher and special education teacher to discuss and maintain a productive working relationship. 
o Taking on other responsibilities as assigned.

Candidate must have, at minimum, an Associates degree. Candidates who have experience working with students with disabilities are preferred. ABA certification, training, and experience are required. 

Capital City was founded in 2000 and currently serves students in grades PK-12 at a single site in Ward 4.  Capital City has been a model for school reform in the District.  The school implements the Expeditionary Learning model in tandem with the common principles of the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES).  Through Expeditionary Learning ( teachers craft expeditions that incorporate projects, research, fieldwork and service to support students in meeting rigorous standards. The CES principles ( emphasize equity, depth over breadth, student leadership, and authenticity.  Capital City’s program also emphasizes a strong social curriculum, a commitment to diversity, a strong inclusion model and the integration of arts into the curriculum. There is a strong focus on professional development and growth. 

To Apply: Email your resume and cover letter to with “HS Student Aide” in the subject line.  For additional information, please visit our website

Capital City is an equal‐opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, marital status, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, disability, or any other protected status. All employment decisions will be made solely on the basis of the individual's qualifications as related to the requirement of the position being filled.