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Flint Cultural Center Academy Founding Principal/Director Posting

  • Date Posted
    • 4.2.18
  • Organization
    • Partner Schools
  • Region
    • Midwest
  • Role
    • Principal
  • Commitment
    • Full-Time
  • Location
    • Flint, MI

Flint Cultural Center Corporation
601 E. Second St.
Flint, MI 48503

Campus Institutions:
Flint Institute of Arts
Flint Institute of Music
Sloan Museum
The Whiting
Longway Planetarium
Flint Youth Theater
Flint School of Performing Arts
Flint Public Library

Flint Cultural Center Academy
Founding Principal/Director Posting

After decades of dreaming and two years of focused planning, the
organizations that comprise the Flint Cultural Center will collaborate
with a newly formed charter school board to open a Kindergarten – 8th
grade public school in the fall of 2019.

Our hope is that this forward thinking school, housed on and
integrated with world-class arts and science institutions, will result in
new standards of learning growth while becoming a model for the
country and a source of strength and pride for the City of Flint.

Already the area’s premier destination for field trips, outreach, and
after school enrichment and instruction, the Cultural Center
institutions ( have agreed to share existing capacity,
resources and infrastructure, creating efficiencies and dramatically
increasing the value the Cultural Center provides to the community.
This partnership will allow the Flint Cultural Center Academy to
create an immersive approach to education whereby intentional daily
instruction at campus institutions and/or taught by campus educators
can be integrated with traditional core content, creating a unique
culture for teaching and learning.


While the location of the school and the plan to purposefully connect
core learning with intentional immersion in campus learning will make
the school unique, the “founding” board have set several absolute
performance expectations for the school.

  • Accelerated, non-normative growth in student learning and

mastery of age-appropriate knowledge and skills.

  • Development of a school culture that engages students and

parents, inviting them to be partners in the school community

  • An emphasis on character development – mastery of

knowledge and skills without a sense of serving others and the

greater good does not move the community forward.

  • Constant and intentional efforts to connect learning to the

production of high quality, meaningful student work.

Instructional Framework

We have partnered with EL Education ( to provide
curriculum, core practices and professional development. We want a
school culture that offers students regular opportunities for active
learning and a unique path for each student to reach their highest
potential. We feel EL Education aligns perfectly with the aspirations
we have for the school.

We are seeking a dynamic, committed leader who can work to
make our vision a systematic and sustainable reality



• Master’s degree, three years teaching experience, and
proven administrative/leadership experience
• Michigan School Administrator Certificate
• Background in EL Education and/or projectbased/deeper
learning with content-based literacy
• Communication and interpersonal skills to provide clear
leadership within a highly collaborative school
• Experience developing schedules and managing a budget
that reflect a school’s vision
• Ability to develop relational trust with students, families,
and staff


• Professional experience with Arts education/integration
with core learning
• Professional experience with STEM education
• School start-up or restructuring experience
• Strong technology skills
• Expertise in working with diverse populations
• Experience working with a Board

Compensation and Benefits

The FCCA board will offer a competitive salary commensurate with
the candidate’s experience.

Roles and Responsibilities

The role of principal can be viewed as the balancing of two main
functions: management, the necessity for timely preparation,
planning and organization (“keeping the trains running on time”), and
leadership, maintaining a sense of urgency about next steps in the
school achieving its vision (looking for ways to improve “the trains”).

While we hope to recruit and hire someone with excellent
management skills to lead the school, we are even more intent on
hiring someone who possesses excellent leadership skills. The ideal
candidate for this position would have experience leading or
participating in many of the following non-inclusive list.

1. Working with a board and school community, helping them
coalesce around a shared vision for school success.
2. Working with the members of a learning community who
came to a shared understanding of a growth mindset for
students and adults.

3. Developing school traditions that demonstrate a school’s

unique and effective approach to teaching and learning

4. Taking primary responsibility for increasing student
achievement (i.e., mastery of knowledge and skills, character,
and high-quality work).
5. Supporting teachers to collaborate and develop curricula.
6. Designing a schedule that balances flexibility with
uninterrupted blocks of time to foster deeper learning,
content-based literacy, project-based learning, fieldwork, and
student presentations to authentic audiences.
7. Working with EL Education school designers to develop
strategic, organized professional learning, aligned with a
school’s vision and annual school improvement goals.
8. Planning professional learning, ideally connected to the EL
Education Core Practices.
9. Developing a systematic approach to supporting teachers in
their professional growth.
10. Modeling effective instructional practices in staff meetings,
professional development sessions, and team meetings
11. Monitoring progress toward achieving the vision of a school -
making necessary adaptations, interventions and mid-course
12. Establishing a clear, consistent strategy for using evidence and
data in formulating recommendations and making decisions.
13. Aligning all policies, management structures, resources,
decision-making processes, and leadership actions with the
14. Collecting, analyzing and reporting data relevant to the goals
for the school as determined by the Board of Education and
required by governmental agencies.
15. Recruiting, interviewing, hiring and developing an exceptional
16. Guiding and supporting fundraising and grant writing efforts.
17. Effectively reporting and presenting financial information to
the Board of Education and other school stakeholders.
18. Cultivating strong partnerships with families, based on the
belief in all students’ capacity to succeed and a commitment to
student-focused problem-solving.
19. Building strong connections with community organizations by
engaging experts who can assist field work tied to the
curriculum, and identifying appropriate forums for students to
present their high quality work.
20. Engaging families and the community by establishing
structures and traditions like student-led conferences and
passage portfolio presentations.

How to Apply

Interested candidates may find more information on the Flint Cultural
Center Academy buy downloading the following links

FCC STEAM Academy Overview
Flint Cultural Center Academy Initiative Summary
Phase I Charter Application
Flint Arts, Science, Technology Academy Presentation

Please apply by April 30, 2018, by sending a Cover Letter and
Résumé/Curriculum Vitae to: Bill Haley, consultant to the FCCA, at

All applications will be reviewed by the FCCA search committee. All
applications will be treated as confidential, and successful candidates
will be selected to receive follow-up phone interviews and personal
interviews on campus.

Please make any inquiries or requests for additional information to Mr.


Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. Our hope is to hire
a principal by July 1, 2018, providing nearly a year for building
relationships with campus partners, developing systems and structures
to operationalize the school program articulated in the GVSU Charter
Application, recruit and hire school staff, oversee student recruitment
and enrollment, plan professional development, and collaborate with
the school board to ensure successful school startup in August 2019.

Anti-Discrimination Policy

The Flint Cultural Center Academy seeks individuals of all
backgrounds to apply for this position. We are committed to
maximizing the diversity in our organization and want to engage all
those who can contribute to this effort. The FCCA provides equal
employment opportunities for all applicants and employees and
prohibits discrimination with respect to the hiring or promotion

 of individuals, conditions of employment, disciplinary and discharge
practices, or any other aspect of employment on the basis of gender,
race, color, ethnicity, disability, or any other factor which cannot 

lawfully be used as a basis for an employment decision.