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  • Date Posted
    • 2.5.18
  • Organization
    • Partner Schools
  • Region
    • Midwest
  • Role
    • Instructional Support
  • Commitment
    • Full-Time

The Instructional Coach will ensure the quality and consistency of instruction at EMSA by

providing professional development and instructional coaching to classroom teachers, teacher
assistants and other staff. The Instructional Coach will support teachers in implementing and
realizing the EL Education common principles and the best practices as detailed in the EL
Education Benchmarks. Emphasis will be put on coaching and training teachers new to EMSA.
The Instructional Coach will also be responsible for leading the continued development and
revision of the curriculum maps, frameworks and benchmarks. The Instructional Coach will
report to the Principal. In the following areas the Instructional Coach will: 

● Provide instructional coaching for classroom teachers. This may take the form of
observation and feedback, demonstration lessons, and videotaped lessons and analysis.
Timely written or verbal feedback will be provided for observations.
● Meet with each teaching teams bi-weekly to plan for coaching, schedule visits and
observations, and discuss feedback.
● Assist teachers in providing differentiated instruction through workshop structures,
curricular modifications, project design and planning.
● Support the implementation of EL Education and components.
● Provide supervision for teacher assistants on instructional practices that includes goal
setting and observations and feedback. Offer a seminar for teacher assistants.
● Meet weekly with the Principal and Director of Student Services to discuss classroom
instruction and to problem-solve and plan to ensure that instruction is high quality and
teachers are supported.
● Participate as a member of the Instructional Leadership Team (ILT).
● Stay current on best instructional practices and share information with Habits of
Scholarship (HOS), school principals and ILT.

Oversee the development and revision of EMSAʼs curriculum as mutually agreed upon with the
Principal. Involve teachers in the process and help coordinate summer and school year
curriculum work teams. Recommend areas for revision and review based on data, feedback
and field knowledge. Help to ensure the diversity of student population is represented and
reflected in the curriculum and instructional resources.
Support teachers to ensure there are multiple opportunities for parents to learn about and
understand curriculum. Lead and participate in curriculum review and revision. Provide
professional support to teachers in developing curriculum maps and plans. Provide feedback as
necessary. Coordinate with the middle school and elementary levels Principals and Instructional
Coaches to ensure consistency of the middle school curriculum.
Work with the Principal and teachers to lead curriculum workshops for parents based on
feedback and needs. Stay current in the field. Identify areas where external resources and new
practices may support our program. Research new instructional strategies and materials and
share with the Principal and staff.

● Consult with lower grades staff on the assessment of student work and the collection
and analysis of student performance data. Monitor the collection and submission of data
specified in the schoolʼs accountability plan and/or performance management
● Provide staff training as needed on administering assessments.
● Support EMSA in being data driven. Work with the Principal and other staff to analyze,
interpret and use student performance data.  

Professional Development
Work with the Principal and ILT to plan and lead in planning professional development for
teachers. Facilitate cross grade level discussions and planning on such topics as portfolio
assessment, criteria for quality work, and the development of grade-level benchmarks and
rubrics in reading, writing, and mathematics. Work with the elementary and middle school
Instructional Coaches to implement an induction program for teaching fellows and new lead
teachers that includes a yearlong seminar and structured observations and feedback.
Communicate and coordinate plans with principals. Coordinate peer observation among the
lower grades staff, using protocols established and agreed upon by staff.
Work with the Principal to develop and implement professional development plans for new lead
teachers. Plans should be differentiated based on teacher experience and job responsibilities.
Work with the Principal and teachers to plan the summer training institute. Participate in
planning and leading sessions as needed. Participate in the development of school-wide
professional development goals and plans as a member of the ILT.
Seek to connect staff with professional development in line with personal goals. Review
professional development requests. Disseminate information about outside professional
development. Maintain staff library of professional resources. Seek new resources to build
Visitors and Community/University Partnerships
Work with HOS to coordinate educator visits. Coordinate university partnerships and student
teachers. Seek to promote EMSA as a model. Foster strong relationships with EL Education.