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Elementary Crew Lead Teacher

  • Date Posted
    • 8.21.18
  • Organization
    • Partner Schools
  • Region
    • Southwestern
  • Role
    • Teacher
  • Commitment
    • Substitute
  • Location
    • Denver, CO

The Odyssey School of Denver is seeking candidates for a
Long-Term Substitute Position:
Elementary Crew Lead Teacher

Dear Candidates,

The quality of a school lies in its culture…. The only way to understand a school culture is to understand
what students experience in being part of it. Not just the motivated, mainstream students, but also the
students who look or feel different... A school culture of quality connotes a culture of high standards for all
students in all domains: standards for academic achievement, arts, physical fitness, critical thinking and
creativity, but also standards for kindness, integrity, industriousness, and responsibility.

If this quote, by Ron Berger in A Culture of Quality, resonates with you, the Odyssey School of
Denver might be just the right school for you to support and inspire elementary school students
this winter and spring (January through early April).
⬟ ⬟ ⬟

The Odyssey School of Denver’s mission is to teach students how to learn through a focus on
academic achievement, critical thinking and social responsibility. What makes us different is our
commitment to the following key ideas:
● How we learn is as important as what we learn: our students engage in long-term
interdisciplinary units that get them out of the classroom, thinking deeply about real-world
● High expectations for all learners: all students can succeed, through great instruction and
supporting students to own their learning.
● Living by our commitment to crew and community: we are tight knit community where
we support and push each other to be our best.

Located approximately 3 miles to the east of downtown Denver, the Odyssey School of Denver is
in the ideal location to live out the principles of EL Education while also serving a diverse
community. As one of 155 EL Education (formerly Expeditionary Learning) schools nationwide, we
have honed our implementation of the model for the past 20 years, enabling us to earn our EL
credentialed school status.

We hope that you take the time to get to know us and make sure that Odyssey is a good fit for
you, prior to applying. The materials that follow are meant as resources to support your careful


Marnie Moody Cooke
Executive Director

Is this the right position for you?

Use this list to help you learn about our school and consider this amazing opportunity! If many of
your values, experiences, and skills align, we encourage you to apply!

You are philosophically aligned with Odyssey & EL Education’s Core Practices.
You have experience teaching in either an EL school OR a school with similar tenets. Maybe
you are new to the craft of teaching, but our mission and EL’s core practices align with your
own beliefs about teaching and learning.

You have a passion for Reading and Writing.
You love reading and writing, and want to share this passion with students. You believe that
kids need to immersed in rich reading and writing experiences every day, and for a variety of
purposes. You incorporate the common core shifts within you long and short term plans.
You have experience empowering students to identify as readers and writers, so they can
develop top-notch reading and writing skills.

You think elementary students are the best!
You have a strong understanding of child development and the reasons for why students act
as they sometimes do. You believe elementary students can do rigorous, collaborative, and
high quality work. You value family involvement and have experience working directly with

You are a skilled at teaching a diverse group of students.
You believe in inclusive learning environments and have experience working with diverse
learners. You believe in the need to hone your instructional practice to maximize the
engagement and academic growth of all students.

You are skilled at using data to inform instruction and decision-making.
You understand that just because you taught it, doesn’t mean that your students learned it.
You have experience reviewing and analyzing formative and summative assessment results
and working to build action plans or identify next steps. You also value analyzing other data
points to inform decision-making, professional development, and student support processes
(e.g. Response to Intervention).

Your organizational skills rock!
Need to find that set of papers you collected yesterday? No problem! Need to help a
students create and maintain systems to stay on top of their supplies? You have this! You
have systems and structures to keep your own work and thinking organized.

You create a culture that nurtures the philosophy “Crew Not Passengers.”
You are skilled at building a culture of respect, responsibility, caring & fun. Your students own
the phrase “crew not passengers,” and are committed to collaborating toward quality work
and citizenship. You value family involvement and have experience working directly with

You are a tenacious learner.
As much as you love teaching students, you also love learning. You are ready to stretch
yourself, try new things, share ideas, and spread your adventurous nature through the
Odyssey community, during professional development, or in the classroom.

Overview of Responsibilities

− Implement and teach one learning expedition per semester aligned with the Odyssey
curriculum map and the EL core practices.
− Implement literacy skills curriculum aligned with EL core practices and the Common Core
State Standards.
− Develop strong relationships with students, families and staff.
− Consistently use instructional practices that are engaging and promote equity and high
− Utilize effective assessment practices to understand learning and to shape instruction.
− Help students understand, reflect on, and take responsibility for their own learning.
− Work with your teammate, intervention staff & administration to meet needs of ALL students.
− Communicate effectively with students, parents/guardians and other staff members.
− Demonstrate and foster a commitment to character through challenging academic work,
service, adventure trips and crew.

Application & Hiring Process

Cover Letter
If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit a cover letter which includes
reflection on this job opportunity. Help us understand what makes you a great match for
Odyssey’s long term substitute teacher position.

Additional Materials
Along with the letter, please email the following:

1. Up-to-date resume or curriculum vitae that gives a full picture of your professional and
educational experiences in and outside of the field of education.

2. One piece of ‘evidence’ that may help set you apart from our strong candidate pool. A few
ideas to get your juices flowing: high quality student work, videos, amazing unit plans, student

3. List of professional references including capacity in which you know each person, affiliation,
current employment, email and phone contact information, acknowledgement that the
school has permission to communicate with these individuals as part of the hiring process.

★ Please upload these materials on the Recruittee website here -★

Next Steps
Following receipt of your materials, we will contact you if we will invite you to the school for an
initial visit which will include: interview with school leaders and a tour/visiting classrooms.

Additional Information

- Odyssey’s Website
- EL Education website
- Odyssey’s EL Credentialing
- Odyssey Facebook page
- Videos of our awesome kids &
- Habits of Learning at Odyssey
- EL Core Practices