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  • Date Posted
    • 6.28.21
  • Organization
    • Partner Schools
  • Region
    • West
  • Role
    • Teacher
  • Commitment
    • Full-Time
  • Location
    • Grass Valley, CA

Grass Valley Charter School (GVCS) seeks an experienced, enthusiastic individual. Home Study experience at K-8 levels desirable. Ability to work with parents and students, flexible hours.

• Strong balanced literacy and mathematics skills with knowledge of direct instruction

• Expeditionary Learning Teaching Experience Desired

• Willingness/desire to meet time demands to do this job well

• Ability to work with multiage students and experience in more than one grade level

• Ability to work well with the current staff and our parent community

• A life-long learner

• Valid CA Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

• Driver’s License (copy upon hire

• TB Screening (copy upon hire)

• CPR/First Aid Certificate (copy if available)

Included in Packet

Application, Letter of Introduction, Resume
Current Letters of Recommendation from Past Employers (3)
Valid CA Multiple Subject Teaching Credential (copies accepted)
College Transcripts (copies accepted)

Discovery Studies Teacher

Salary to be determined by caseload (6-20 students) ($9.07 per student, per day, annual base pay approximately $32,652; plus $20 hourly for DS classes, prep time, and meetings.)

To apply, APPLICANTS must complete an online application through Edjoin ( by the deadline date.