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Dean of Students

  • Date Posted
    • 3.20.18
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    • New England
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    • Dean
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    • Framingham, MA


Christa McAuliffe Charter School

Dean of Students

“When we actually do it, we actually learn it.”
- Declan P. Class of 2014


The mission of the Christa McAuliffe Charter School is to cultivate within each member of a diverse student body an intense commitment to self and community, the courage and insight to set high standards for academic and personal success, and the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to achieve those standards.

McAuliffe is a 16-year-old charter middle school (grades 6-7-8) educating 400 scholars who live in Framingham and other MetroWest communities. We are one of 155 EL Education (EL) schools nationwide and one of nine EL schools in Massachusetts. EL is a non-profit organization devoted to providing network schools with a highly-respected model of comprehensive school reform with emphasis on high achievement through active learning, character growth, and teamwork.


What are your values, experiences, and skills? Are you a great fit for McAuliffe’s Dean of Students position? Is this the right school for you? Examine the following to see how your values, experiences, and skills compare with what we’re looking for in our Dean of Students. If many of your values, experiences, and skills align, we encourage you to apply!

⬜  You have successfully established school-wide routines and expectations for student behavior.

You are familiar with the implementation of Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) that include proactive and interactive steps to establish a social culture that supports social, emotional, and academic success. You also have experience facilitating the implementation of school wide routines and supporting teachers to establish strong classroom routines. You empower students and faculty to take ownership of expectations, routines and traditions.

⬜  You are skilled at using data to analyze and respond to patterns of behavior for individual students, classes, or a whole grade level that are grounded in a commitment to learning and contribution to a respectful community.

In the context of establishing and utilizing PBIS, you are able to use data-based decision making to align curriculum and behavioral supports for students and staff, including teaching, reinforcing, monitoring and re-teaching a set of clear expectations, as well as the implementation of a ladder of clear consequences for unexpected behavior.

⬜  You believe in an approach to student discipline that emphasizes learning, restoration, and collaborative problem solving.

You have experience implementing a school’s code of conduct and discipline policy. You have experiences employing restorative practices as well as more traditional consequences such as detentions and suspensions.

⬜  You are patient and understanding in your work with adolescent/preadolescent students and their families.

You have a strong understanding of adolescent development and the reasons why adolescent-age students act as they sometimes do. You have experience collaborating with teachers and counselors in their work with middle schoolers and are committed to bringing the best out of every student. You stick with even the most challenging students and families.

⬜  You are philosophically aligned with EL Education core practices that focus on character and community.
You have experience teaching or leading in a school that prioritizes academic growth and character development. You aspire to establish a school climate characterized by safety, kindness, and joy in learning.

⬜   You have an adventurous spirit and a “go get ‘em” drive!
You are ready to stretch yourself, try new things, share ideas, and spread your adventurous nature through McAuliffe’s professional community. You are skilled at encouraging professional growth and risk-taking. You believe in your own capacity to grow and in students’ and teachers’ capacity to gain skills.


─ Contribute to the development of a culture of respect, responsibility, courage, and kindness where students and adults are committed to quality work and the McAuliffe community.

─ Hold high expectations for student behavior and establish faculty and student buy-in to collectively uphold these expectations.
─ Oversee school-wide routines and procedures including: lunch/recess, arrival/dismissal, hallway passes, and transitions.

─ Coordinate the administrative system for providing in-the-moment teacher support to manage students exhibiting challenging behavior in classroom and other school settings.

─ Oversee the implementation of the school’s Code of Conduct including the management of discipline issues and supporting the assignment and delivery of consequences; Integrate restorative practices into disciplinary responses when possible.

─ Use data to track student behavior, identify behaviors or cultural issues to target per grade or as a school and collaborate with grade level teams and/or the Culture Team to establish effective interventions

─ Oversee and ensure compliance with discipline policies and procedures including legal requirements.

─ Collaborate with other instructional leaders to engage faculty in professional development pertaining to classroom culture and management, teaching Habits of Work and Learning,  responding to challenging behaviors

─ Contribute to the implementation of student behavior intervention plans.

─ Collaborate with the culture and character coach and instructional coaches to support teachers on the instruction and reinforcement of classroom expectations and routines, student engagement, and behavior management.

─ Participate on the school’s PBIS Culture Team (comprised of faculty) to establish priorities for the year related to Positive Behavioral Intervention Systems, crew, student behavior/discipline, restorative practices, as well as community-building activities including spirit weeks and community meetings.

─ Participate in an annual evaluation of McAuliffe’s culture/character/discipline programming including analysis of behavioral and discipline data and identification of areas in need of improvement.

─ Support the implementation of the school’s response to intervention (RTI) processes including participation in weekly grade level meetings, Student Support Squad, and RTI Committee meetings, as needed.

─ Contribute to a culture that values and emphasizes the importance of collaboration and transparency between school and families by engaging in strong communication with parents/guardians regarding student discipline; conduct conferences with parents/guardians, scholars, and other professionals as needed.


─ Belief in school’s mission and educational model.

─ Experience working with middle school age students in a teaching or leadership capacity.

─ Experience working with students who have identified learning disabilities including but not limited to autism, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive.

─ Skilled at working with students who engage in challenging behaviors.

─ Trained and experienced in applying crisis prevention and de-escalation techniques.

─ Experience building collaborative relationships with parents/guardians including hard-to-reach families.

─ Experience working in a highly collaborative professional setting.

─ Experience and expertise facilitating difficult conversations with students, families, and teachers.

─ Reflective professional with high levels of emotional intelligence.

─ Skilled at building, facilitating, monitoring, and adjusting systems that need to be implemented by others.

─ Comfortable with Google Drive, especially experienced with Google Sheets, Google Form, and Google Docs. (Comfort and experience with MicroSoft suite is helpful too, but much of our work happens through Google Drive.)

─ Strong verbal and written communication skills.

─ Skilled at managing multiple and competing priorities, e.g., juggling many balls at the same time!


To apply for this position, please email the following to Kristin Harrison, Executive Director, at Applicants should submit materials by Monday, March 26, 2018.

1. Cover letter which includes reflection on this job opportunity. Help us understand what makes you a great match for the Christa McAuliffe Charter School and our Dean of Students position.

2. Resume or curriculum vitae that gives a full picture of your professional and educational experiences

3. List of professional references including capacity in which you know each person, affiliation, current employment, email and phone contact information.

4. OPTIONAL, but recommended: Link to an online platform that showcases examples of your work -- videos, documents, photographs, etc. This could be an online portfolio, wiki-site, Google Drive folder, dropbox folder, etc.


Hours / School Calendar

School hours are formally 8am - 4pm; many faculty arriver earlier and others stay later (though we encourage folks to leave by 5pm).

There are two hours of professional development / protected collaborative time between 2pm and 4pm each Thursday afternoon. Students are dismissed at 1:30pm each Thursday.

The school follows the Framingham Public School calendar for the most part.

There are evening events that this position will need to attend include Student Celebrations of Learning, parent/guardian presentations/trainings, Board of Trustee meetings, and admissions events. All school leaders participate in many of these. We share the load to keep from any one person getting overburdened.

School leaders also participate in off-site fieldwork. Sometimes fieldwork is overnight. All school leaders are expected to participate in at least one overnight fieldwork per year. Sometimes this means camping, and other times staying in a lodge with bunk room accommodations.

Compensation & Benefits

Salary is negotiable.

The school contributes to health and dental, currently covering 75% of the premium.

All employees currently receive short-term disability and life insurance and there are opportunities for employees to add on additional coverage to both.

The position will qualify for and contribute to Massachusetts Teachers Retirement System (MTRS).

Employees may opt into a 403b plan too. (This is not currently a matched by the school.)

This 12-month position earns 9 personal days (which includes sick days), professional days may be requested as needed, vacations are observed, and the position earns up to 15 days of summer vacation.  Summer hours are 9am - 3pm; school leaders coordinate the summer schedule annually to promote collaboration on priorities.

All employees participate in ongoing professional development -- onsite, offsite, webinars, conferences, etc. Most professional development is through our work with EL Education, but not all.