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BRIGHTEN ACADEMY - Assistant Director

  • Date Posted
    • 5.13.21
  • Organization
    • Partner Schools
  • Region
    • Southeastern
  • Role
    • School Leadership
  • Commitment
    • Full-Time
  • Location
    • Douglasville, GA


Assists the Executive Director in managing the instructional and business functions of the school, manages and oversees the code of conduct, implements, and monitors extracurricular offerings, creates, and maintains school and student schedules; Assists in supervising instructional staff; Supervises custodial staff; Ensures compliance with charter school law and the charter; Implements the mission and core beliefs in the school.


Education Level: Master’s Degree or higher; L5 or L6 preferred

Certification/License: Supervisory experience, varied instructional experiences in a school setting

Physical Activities: Routine physical activities that are required to fulfill job responsibilities

Proficient Skills: Knowledge of the curriculum and effective instructional strategies.

Knowledge of school and charter law as it relates to special education,

gifted, pre-referral process, and other instructional related objectives,

Knowledge and understanding of appropriate discipline practices; Ability to analyze and supervise appropriate instruction, computer, and

bookkeeping/record keeping skills; general knowledge of all

office equipment; maintain confidentiality; effective verbal and

written communication skills: ability to communicate professionally

with students, parents, staff, and the community.


• Demonstrates regular attendance and is punctual

• Contributes to the professional learning community

• Assumes responsibility in the absence of the principal

• Keeps the principal informed of activities, situations, and developments that effect the school operation

• Assists with the financial operation of the school as directed and demonstrates appropriate fiscal management of funds for which he/she is responsible in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations

• Oversees, trains, and upholds testing security for standardized testing

• Assists in supervision ad compliance with at-risk programs such as MTSS, EIP, Special Education, and Remedial Education chair meetings as necessary

• Follows professional practices consistent with school policies in working with students, student records, parents, and colleagues

• Facilitates home-school communication by providing information about events and instructional focus at parent teacher meetings and if requested, board meetings

• Updates in conjunction with the Business Manager and Executive Director, the school handbook each year

• Creates, maintains, and enforces overall school and student schedules that follows core beliefs and school mission

• Monitors and inputs student data such as discipline, schedule, parent contact, and special programs into the student's information system (SIS)

• Manages and supervises the schools extracurricular and after school programs (ASP, clubs, athletics)

• Assists in creating professional development opportunities for all instructional staff members

• Assist in and coordinates class coverage or substitute teachers

• Lends expertise to create and monitor substitute and volunteer training program

• Reviews lesson plans for alignment with standards and achievement data and provides feedback

• Creates and monitors school safety plan

• Creates and monitors school testing plan

• Supervises, trains, and monitors custodial staff to ensure a clean, orderly, well maintained facility

• Works cooperatively with school administrators, other special support personnel, colleagues, and parents

• Serves as an ad hoc member board committee and is a member of the leadership team

• Enforces, monitors, and oversees regulations concerning student conduct and discipline

• Assists in creation and monitoring of the school improvement plan

• Serves as primary contact for all instructional staff and parents

• Assist in management and implementation of school wide assessment program that is consistent with the core belief and mission of Brighten Academy

• Keeps abreast of new materials, teaching techniques and developments in the profession by attending meetings and reading journals or other publications

• Handles routine practices effectivity and keeps accurate records

• Assists the total school program in accordance with school system philosophy, school board requirements, accrediting agency standards and state school statues

• Makes the school facility an attractive, pleasant, and productive place in which to work and learn

• Guards the health and safety of the students in all school situations

• Deals with students, teachers, and parents in a friendly, firm, fair, and consistent manner

• Is accessible to students, staff, and community

• Demonstrates professional and ethical practices

• Assists in supervision and evaluation of instructional staff and aids in planning effective instruction

• Complies with and enforces school policies, charter goals, and procedures

• Stays abreast of current instructional practices and strategies by attending meetings, conferences, staff development opportunities, and reading journals and publications

• Performs other duties assigned by the appropriate administrator

Reports to: Executive Director

Terms of Employment: 215 days

Workday Schedule: Varies with school schedule, evenings, and weekend work

as assigned

Salary Range: Exempt – K

Benefits Eligible: Yes

Reach out to Katie Smith directly with all inquiries.

Katie Smith

Business and Employee Service Supervisor