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Assistant Director - City View Charter School

  • Date Posted
    • 4.15.21
  • Organization
    • Partner Schools
  • Region
    • West
  • Role
    • School Leadership
  • Commitment
    • Full-Time
  • Location
    • Hillsboro, Oregon

Job Description: Assistant Director

This role supports the Executive Director in providing the instructional and organizational leadership of the K-8 school. The role serves as the school’s advocate and works with all stakeholders to create a common vision for the school that best positions the school for success and engages students and their community. The Assistant Director also works with the school leadership team to execute a school improvement plan and allocates resources to continually improve student achievement. The Assistant Director is also committed to building a talented instructional team and working with the Executive Director to ensure a safe, engaging learning environment for all students.

The Assistant Director will oversee one of the two City View Charter School (CVCS) campus locations. The Assistant Director will share supervision and evaluation of licensed and classified employees with the Executive Director as per programming needs and requirements with the City View Leadership Team.


City View Charter School strives to inspire academic excellence, build character, and create high-quality work while contributing to a better world.

Our Vision

We believe that all children can excel at learning and that academic distinction can be achieved through inspired leadership and collaborative efforts that heavily involve the student’s interests and natural curiosities. We create a “whole learning environment” where students not only thrive academically but are nurtured and respected as individual members of a community. In keeping with the education standards of the Hillsboro School District, City View Charter School is dedicated to offering all families in our community a high-quality option school that will address students with diverse backgrounds, interests, and needs.

Components of the City View’s school design and practices include:

• Work on integrating school design and the EL Education 3 dimensions of teaching and learning

• Habits of Work and Learning (HOWLs) – HOWLs are skills that students need to be academically successful: perseverance, responsibility, collaboration, compassion and excellence. These habits are modeled, taught and assessed separately from other types of achievement targets, with principles of standards-based learning and grading utilized. HOWLs are deeply entwined with core academic learning.

Crew – Crew is an advisory system central to the City View culture. Every day teachers and students focus on getting to know one another and their crew leader through team-building activities and daily check-ins.

Learning Expeditions – Each grade level of core teachers engages students in at least two learning expeditions per year and in other units or case studies that incorporate some elements of learning expeditions. During expeditions students build their background knowledge, ask questions, conduct research and develop expertise on topics in collaborative pairs or small groups.

Portfolios & Passages – Students in grades 5 and 7th/8th grade organize a portfolio, a collection of work showing what a student has been thinking about, working on and learning. The purpose of the portfolio is to provide an ongoing record of 1) how a student’s thinking about significant issues and questions has grown; 2) how a student’s range of knowledge and skills has developed; and 3) effort made to achieve worthwhile goals, including reflection on and revision of work. Portfolios are used to prepare for Student Led Conferences and are central to Passages, when eighth graders make the case that they are ready to move to high school by tracing their growth in a HOWL and showing work in evidence of that growth.

Student Led Conferences (SLCs) – Twice annually, students and families participate in personalized meetings between a student, parent(s)/guardian(s), and the crew leader, during which the student facilitates and reflects on areas of strength and challenge in each class. Additionally, a student reflects on the development of their HOWLs and identifies both personal and academic goals to work on during subsequent semesters.

Culminating Events – Learning expeditions conclude with a culminating event during which students showcase their learning to an authentic audience. Culminating events raise the bar for high quality work since students know they will share their work with prominent audience members and that their work. As such, students are motivated to engage in revision practices. During these public speaking opportunities, students learn specific presentation skills, practice presenting and receive feedback from teachers and peers.

Three Dimension of Student Achievement

EL Education’s framework is composed of three dimensions of student achievement. When students enter adult life, they will be celebrated not for their performance on basic skills tests, but rather for the quality of their work and their character.

City View Charter School partners with EL Education to create a school emphasizing the 3 Dimensions of Student Achievement. With this framework City View Charter School creates learners who are proficient in the mastery of knowledge and skills by ensuring that our curriculum is both engaging and meaningful. With the use of our curriculum and the emphasis of “Crew”, teachers make Habits of Work and Learning (HoWLs) evident throughout daily instruction. Character is seen throughout the school on a daily basis. Students are challenged to share their learning through various events throughout the year. In preparation for these tasks, students go through the process of producing high-quality work (HQW). Teachers and students collaborate to demonstrate craftsmanship, complexity, and authenticity. City View Charter School strives to encourage students to celebrate their high quality work and character.

Required Qualifications

● A valid State of Oregon Teaching License appropriate for the position

● A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution; Master’s degree or higher preferred

● Administrative Credential preferred

● 7 + years teaching and 2 years administrative experience

● Dedicated commitment to students and learning

● Experience with EL Education core principles and Curriculum

● The ability to effectively work and communicate with students, parents, and school personnel from diverse cultures and/or backgrounds

● Proficient oral and written communication skills in English

● Proficient in the use of computer and Internet based applications, including but not limited to email and systems applications

● The ability to learn new automated systems as they are brought online by City View

● Maintain integrity of confidential information relating to students, staff, or patrons

Primary Job Responsibilities

● Building administrator for designated grades at one of the two City Views locations

● Collaborate with Leadership Teams to support the annual school work plan

● Supervise designated licensed and classified staff at building

● Collaborate with counseling staff to support behavior management needs of students

● Collaborate and support Executive Director with administrative and board related tasks

● Other duties as assigned by Executive Director

Instructional Management

● Assist in the development and evaluation of educational programs

● Encourage and support professional development of innovative instructional programs, helping teachers create and pilot such efforts when appropriate

● Promote the use of technology in the teaching/learning process

School/Organizational Climate and Culture

● Promote a positive and caring climate for learning

● Promote culturally responsive work environment for students, staff and families

● Communicate effectively with a wide range of diverse populations

● Promote diversity, equity and inclusion aligned with school mission and core values

School/Organizational Improvement

● Collaborate with EL Education, Leadership Teams and other stakeholders to develop annual work plan goals and data analysis

● Help Leadership Teams develop, maintain, and use information systems to maintain and record to track progress on campus performance objectives and academic excellence indicators

● May develop and lead in-service professional development training

Personnel Management

● Assist Leadership Teams in interviewing, selecting, and orienting new staff

● Supports the new hire/recruitment process and interview process

● Assists in day-to-day personnel management; ensuring that staffing, substitute staffing and safety standards are being met

● Maintains personnel files in confidential manner

● Evaluates performance in assigned staff in accordance with state law and regulation, and ODE policy and practices.

Administration and Fiscal/Facilities Management

● Assists the Executive Director in overseeing the facility and grounds of the assigned school and makes recommendations about short and long range needs

● Oversees the contractual obligations of facility requirements

Student Management

● Ensure that students are adequately supervised during non instructional periods

● Help to develop a responsive and restorative behavior management system for student discipline that results in positive student behavior

● Ensure that school rules are uniformly observed and that student discipline is appropriate and equitable

● Conduct meetings regarding student and school business with parents, students, and teachers

● Apply data to support students, maintain accurate records, and possess knowledge of various types of interventions (e.g. 504’s, Behavior Support Plans, SSP, student attendance and so forth)

● Generates and maintains accurate student conduct and discipline records

● Promote an orderly school environment and adhere to state, district, and federal laws and guidelines to keep students healthy and safe

School/Community Relations

● Serves as a member of school and/or board committees to promote ongoing,open communication with relevant stakeholders

● Assists the Executive Director in establishing and maintaining an effective learning environment in the school

● Assists the Executive Director in the administration of the school at both campus locations as needed

● Assists the Executive Director in the design and implementation of programs, based on current educational theory and research to meet the specific needs of the school and its students

● Facilitates and evaluates, in assigned departments, the ODE-approved instructional program in a manner designed to maximize the cognitive and affective progress of each student

● Assists the Executive Director in the acquisition and utilization of instructional supplies, equipment, and textbooks for the school

● Assists the Executive Director in facilitating services for all students in the school including, but not limited to, those with special needs

● Participates, as requested, in school-related activities to design educational philosophy and goals which maximize student growth

● Assists in the development of a schedule that maximizes the educational program for students and utilizes district resources to their greatest potential.

Supervisory Responsibilities

● Share supervisory responsibility for licensed and classified staff with Executive Director

Working Conditions

● Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors: Maintain emotional control under stress. Work with frequent interruptions

Time Commitment

● 12 month full-time employee, 235 day calendar. Position starts on June 1st

Compensation Package

● Salary range is $78,960 - 82,720 based on experience.

● Benefits include 8 paid holidays, 10 days Paid Time Off (PTO), Medical, Dental, Vision, long term and short term disability insurance. Observed school breaks: Holiday break, Spring break and two weeks in July as non-contract days.

● Required participation in PERS.

Application Procedure and Requirements

Letter of Interest

Current Resume

Copy of current teaching license or administrator license

Letters of Recommendation (at least 3 required)

List of three additional references

Statement explaining how your education philosophy is a fit with the Mission of the School

Please send application information to