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We Are Crew: A Culture Centered on Belonging, Purpose and Agency

Virtual Event, Institute

Add to Calendar 2023-02-062023-02-08We Are Crew: A Culture Centered on Belonging, Purpose and Agency
  • Dates

  • Grade Level

    K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

  • Audience

    All Educators

  • Eligibility

    Public, EL Education Partners

In EL Education schools, Crew is both a structure and a culture. The structure of Crew, EL Education’s framework for daily whole-class meetings in elementary schools and small advisory groups in secondary school, is research-informed and supports cultivating a Crew culture-a school culture that nurtures social-emotional and academic development, affirms diverse identities, supports courageous conversations, fosters belonging, and centers authentic and trusting relationships.

Join this professional learning experience to discover:

  • how Crew is an engine that drives equitable outcomes for all students.
  • how to implement the structure of Crew to cultivate a culture of Crew-centered on belonging, purpose and agency- among staff and students alike.


  • Participants will engage with educators and leaders from across the country through the structure of Crew to serve cultivating a Culture of Crew.


  • Participants will explore how the structure and culture of Crew can create conditions for:
      • fostering a sense of belonging purpose and agency among students and staff
      • courageous conversations with students and staff around important topics such as equity, racism, identity, and action for social justice
      • supported academic success
      • effective post-secondary preparation
      • assessing the efficacy of Crew in schools


  • Participants will connect to and enhance their professional practice through contextualizing their learning, supporting implementing Crew for staff, elementary and secondary students.


  • Participants evolve their understanding of the structure and culture of Crew and begin planning for implementation that impels all members of a school community to work together as a team and support each other in service of academic success.

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Registration will open Monday, August 8th at noon Eastern time.