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Teaching Toward Equity

In-Person Event, Institute

Add to Calendar 2023-02-272023-03-01Teaching Toward Equity Tucson, AZ
  • City Tucson, AZ
  • Dates

  • Grade Level

    K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

  • Audience

    All Educators

  • Eligibility

    Public, EL Education Partners

EL Education embraces a vision of education as a powerful engine for disrupting structural racism, and fulfilling our nation’s promise of equal opportunity for all. Educational equity means that all children experience these pillars of educational equity:

  1. Instruction and assessment that challenge, engage, and empower learners
  2. Access to standards-based, content-rich, culturally affirming curriculum
  3. School culture that fosters positive identity, belonging, agency, and purpose
  4. Explicit anti-racist discussion, practice, and action

Join this professional learning experience designed for teachers/leaders to discover:

  • how critical consciousness of race and racism supports equitable student achievement in three dimensions.
  • how critical consciousness is concretized into a framework for identity, diversity, justice, and action (via the Learning for Justice standards).
  • how the EL Language Arts Curriculum and Crew practices operationalize this framework into daily classroom life in ways that support students to thrive.


  • Participants will engage with educators and leaders from across the country, cultivating a community of collaborative learning and co-constructing knowledge.


  • Participants will explore research and principals behind critical consciousness and how the EL Language Arts Curriculum and Crew practices can be used to further racial equity.


  • Participants will connect to and enhance their professional practice around operationalizing racial justice within their classrooms, while also deepening understanding of racial justice in connection to gender, economic, and disability justice.


  • Participants evolve their understanding of how the curriculum and Crew can be vehicles for developing positive racial identity and critical consciousness of race and racism.

This institute will offer a teacher and leader strand.

This is an in-person event. For participant safety, EL Education requires attendees to be vaccinated and show a negative COVID-19 test in order to attend. Please see details here.

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Registration will open Monday, August 8th at noon Eastern time.