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Scott Hartl

Scott Hartl

President & CEO

    A founding member of EL Education, Scott was named President & CEO in 2009. Under his leadership, he has expanded the organization’s impact through development of a groundbreaking Common Core curriculum, based on its 20 years of experience in improving student outcomes. The curriculum has received the highest ratings from state and independent reviewers. Scott has been nationally recognized as a social innovator and entrepreneur, is a Pahara- Aspen Education Fellow, Ashoka Fellow, a Governor’s Appointee to the Massachusetts Creativity Commission, and a member of multiple national advisory groups.

    As an Outward Bound leadership instructor for 14 years, he led major expeditions in the mountains of Nepal, Alaska, and other areas of the U.S. A lifelong educator, Scott was founding principal of a high-performing Boston middle school and a high school teacher. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Science from Marlboro College and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Union University.

    Scott and his wife Hannah live Leverett, MA and he is a proud School Council Representative at the school of his three children, Mia, Willa, and Geir.

    Crew is shorthand for living according to ethic of service to our fellow travelers. Josh Miner, a teacher under Kurt Hahn at the Gordonstoun school, and the man who brought Outward Bound to the US, says that "Outward Bound" is the state of being that happens when two conditions are true - that you are being pushed to the end of your comfort zone, and, that you are thinking first of the needs of others. EL was born from this commitment to service to others, and being Crew is a phrase that stands as a continual reminder of these roots.


    Leverett, MA