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Laurel Davis

Laurel Davis

School Designer

What made you want to work in education?

I saw the results we (GVSU) were getting in our schools that implemented EL and I was impressed, which prompted me to research the company.

What is the most inspiring or satisfying part of the work that you do?

The most inspiring part of my job is working with administration, teachers and students to see growth within their buildings. 

What is your favorite annual EL event (briefly describe) and why?

I have only been to 1 EL event and that was Detroit's National conference. It was full of energy and smiles

What is the best advice you've ever been given?

Don't assume anything. 

What makes EL so different?

It's a whole model, it creates a culture.

Describe the environment where students thrive (what does it look like, feel like, sound like, etc.?)

Collaborative, focused, in charge of their learning, smart talk, exposed to many different styles while they learn. 

If you were writing a book about your career in education, what would the title be?

Embrace, Lean-In, and Immerse

To me Crew means a family. When I saw it in action it brings together the whole EL framework, that piece that is so important for success.


Buffalo, NY