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Cameron Lloyd

Cameron Lloyd

Lead Curriculum Designer

    What is the most inspiring or satisfying part of the work that you do?

    I believe in the transformative power of quality curricular materials. Students deserve materials that are rigorous, inclusive, and based on research, and teachers have a lot on their plates--planning engaging instruction, differentiating based on student needs, communicating with caregivers. When I think about supporting hardworking teachers by getting lesson plans and resources into their hands to use with their students, that inspires me.

    Crew means "mission." All crews have a mission--they are headed somewhere together, and that mission is both dependent on--and larger than--the job each individual performs. It means that, while crew focus on doing work to the best of their abilities, they also keep a focus on the larger mission, and how working together with their fellow crew is necessary to complete that mission. That mission focus is how we can make an impact for students and teachers across the country.


    Woodbury, New Jersey