By the Numbers


Driving improvement in different settings


Serving a diverse population of students


A higher percentage of Expeditionary Learning students score proficient or advanced on state tests

Average percentage point difference between EL students reaching proficiency and their demographic peers

Expeditionary Learning Schools Meeting the Implementation Review Target*


Percent of EL schools outperforming district peers on state assessments by number of years with EL

* The EL Implementation Review (IR) is a standardized measure of implementation across 26 key practices of the
EL Design that is conducted annually.

Expeditionary Learning Schools Meeting the Implementation Review Target*


Independent study shows that Expeditionary Learning positively impacts students

A recent study by Mathematica Policy Research
shows statistically significant evidence of our impact
on student achievement. The study finds that our
middle school students gain an extra 10 months of learning growth in math and 7 months of extra

learning growth in reading after three years.

Mathematica’s team matched students from five
urban middle schools founded in partnership with
Expeditionary Learning in Washington, DC and
New York City to a comparison group of students
with similar demographic characteristics and baseline
achievement in the two years before students entered
EL schools. The team also used a variety of methods
to mitigate potential threats to the study’s validity,

such as student attrition and repeating a grade. This

rigorous approach helped to ensure that the estimated
impacts on student performance were caused by the
EL model and not variations in student characteristics
or student achievement trends from prior years.