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Transformational Literacy

Making the Common Core Shift with Work That Matters

Help your students connect their hard work as readers and writers to their futures as contributors to stronger communities and a better world. Transformational Literacy frames the adoption of the Common Core State Standards as a moment of opportunity to engage and inspire students with work that matters—to help them see the connections between their hard work as readers and writers, and their futures as contributors to stronger communities and a better world.

“Hopeful and helpful—Transformational Literacy is filled with work-worthy ideas that instill hope in readers by providing helpful vignettes, descriptive examples, text suggestions, and instructional shifts that will prepare young scholars for the 21st century." Cris Tovani Secondary English teacher and instructional coach, author, and international literacy consultant

Make the Most of Transformational Literacy

Transformational Literacy is a great companion to EL Education’s grades 3-8 ELA curriculum. The book, which includes 24 videos, will equip teachers to deepen their implementation of the curriculum, sharpen their understanding of the Common Core instructional shifts, internalize curriculum design decisions, and support all students to excel.

EL Education also offers professional development related to Transformational Literacy. For more information about existing opportunities, or to make inquiries about bringing professional development to your area, email us at pd@eleducation.org.

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