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Find student work that will inspire you

The Center for High-Quality Student Work

Models of Excellence, a collaboration with the Harvard Graduate School of Education, is a curated, open-source collection of high-quality PreK-12 student work, along with resources to support the use of student work models to inspire and elevate achievement. The purpose of this site is to catalyze the use of models to help build student skills and dispositions for success in college, careers, and life.

The site features more than 300 interdisciplinary projects and 60 pieces of student writing in addition to teaching resources.

DID YOU KNOW? Most images you see on the EL Education website are drawn from student work in the Models of Excellence project collection!

"Models of Excellence is exceptional for motivating students because they are able to see just how meaningful and beautiful their work can potentially be. As a teacher, I love using the site for brainstorming ideas, inspiring my colleagues, and reminding me of the great things students are capable of when they are invested, supported, and celebrated." Kristen Haynes Humanities Educator, Capital City Public Charter School