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Bestseller: Leaders of Their Own Learning

Transforming Schools Through Student-Engaged Assessment

Put the powerful tools of measuring progress back in the hands of students. Leaders of Their Own Learning is a blueprint to a revolutionary approach to student assessment. The eight key practices described in the book engage students in making academic progress, improve achievement, and involve families and communities in the life of the school. The book, which includes 27 videos, is full of powerful strategies to help students own their learning.

The student-engaged assessment practices outlined here are infused throughout EL Education's grades 3-8 ELA curriculum (such as learning targets, checking for understanding, and models, critique, and descriptive feedback).

"A visionary argument for how we can invert the school reform pyramid and put students in charge of their own learning." Jal Mehta Associate Professor of Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Make the Most of Leaders of Their Own Learning

EL Education also offers professional development related to Leaders of Their Own Learning. For more information about existing opportunities, or to make inquiries about bringing professional development to your area, email us at pd@eleducation.org.

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