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Core Practices

A Vision for Improving Schools

EL Education's Core Practices detail the approach that makes our network schools high-achieving, engaging learning environments that push teachers and students to do more than they think they can. They build on our unique heritage to lift up a vision of what great schools can be.

This publication was written after multiple years of transforming and establishing schools of all types in a wide variety of setting see remarkable gains in student achievement. Our model is continuously revised and improved by research and by the practical wisdom of EL Education teachers and school leaders. Since the first ten demonstration schools began in 1993, we have remained rooted in our heritage, providing teachers and students with academically rigorous experiences that are marked by purposeful learning, challenge, collaboration, and perseverance.

Our Core Practices provide the concrete and practical guidance that teachers and school leaders need to support student achievement across all three dimensions: mastery of skills and content, character, and high-quality work. They also bring the Design Principles—values that live at the heart of our model—to life.