“We are crew, not passengers.” U.S. News & World Report chronicles our roots to Kurt Hahn and Outward Bound. Read it here.
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View, download, and search EL Education's Curriculum materials from our Common Core Success site. We offer grades 3-8 ELA modules, plus science and social studies curriculum modules for secondary students.

What sets EL Education curriculum apart? It is:

  • known for combining rigorous content with effective practice, connecting students to real-world issues
  • created by teachers for teachers
  • comprehensive - developed down to the level of daily lessons with student-facing materials
  • free and available online, with more than 4 million downloads
  • distinguished by the highest ratings at both national and state levels
"I see evidence of all the best education pedagogy I have read in my professional journals and books. It is evident that multiple teachers/education professionals have worked together to ensure best teaching practices are in every lesson." Karen Kondrick 6th grade teacher, Ripley Central School, Ripley, NY