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Anser Charter School: Fostering Deep Learning in Mathematics Through a Culture of Professional Inquiry

Site Seminar

  • City Boise, ID
  • Dates

  • Grade Level

    Elementary School, Middle School

  • Audience


  • Eligibility

    Public, EL Education Network

Anser Charter School fosters a culture where mathematical curiosity and confidence is the norm. Using professional inquiry, this high-performing K-8 school continually strengthens and refines mathematics instruction across grade levels. The Anser site seminar offers the chance to witness the foundation for this powerful work. The two days at Anser will be framed around classroom observations of students and teachers engaged in the construction of mathematics understanding, as well as professional conversations with teachers and peers. Participants will discover how Anser’s math educators help students build success through focusing on math structures, language, and models; taking students’ ideas and misconceptions seriously; and emphasizing math practices through the lens of character and habits of scholarship. Participating schools are encouraged to attend as teams—including administrators—in order to share meaningful conversations about strengthening your own math programs.